In a little over ONE WEEK your family will have back to school math peace of mind!

I’m Caroline Mukisa from Maths Insider and I’ve joined forces with Bon Crowder from Math Four. Together we’ve gathered the very best resources for your family to make sure your children go back to school with math confidence!

Inside this Back to School super Math Give-Away, you’ll get NINE days of The most ROCKIN’ math resources to kick start the school year, FREE.


Bumper High School Pack

You and your child will:

  • Get back to basics to build a strong, unshiftable mathematical foundation
  • Feel confident with mental math
  • Know exactly what resources will do the job (and which won’t!)
  • Go deeper into math learning and understanding as a whole family

And, for you as a parent, you’ll

  • Get your grownup support team on board with positive math talk
  • Practice your math wit and wisdom so you can have positive math influence


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